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Lime at SXSW

South by Southwest
March 9–18, 2018
Best Places to Stay and Home Rentals for South by Southwest
Going To The SXSW in Austin?
Welcome to Lime Luxury Housing where we feature home rentals and houses for rent for major sporting events around the world. Offering special event rentals for SXSW rentals, our rental listings are a terrific option for finding the perfect vacation home rental to make your sporting events the most memorable ever. We have great places to stay during SXSW next year here in Austin, TX. 

​​​Housing Option available for SXSW 

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 2018 South by Southwest​​

Housing Solutions
Lime Luxury Housing specializes in offering upscale, comfortably furnished homes for companies, government agencies, and individuals throughout the USA traveling on assignments across the nation and during major events. Having access to homes in many cities allows us to set up your temporary housing on demand anywhere- no matter how remote or metropolitan your desired location. Our company is specifically dedicated to giving clients the best housing experience possible. 

For corporate housing minimum stay:
30 to 90 nights
(Depending on location)

We have exclusive access to vast variety of lofts, condominiums, townhouses, penthouses, and homes in Luxury Private Communities nationwide.
Lime Event Housing
Lime Event Housing is the easiest and safest way for groups to find a place to stay when they are in town for the major events. Most towns cannot accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people who flood local hotels that are often outdated and few in numbers. Lime Event Housing solves this problem by making local property available for traveler in a marketplace that is safe, secure, and easy to navigate.

At any given major event, thousands of people are staying at a home they found on Lime Event Housing. ​Lime Event Housing clients enjoy more rentals with less hassle because our system makes every part about renting a home as easy as possible. In a recent customer survey, more than 99% of Lime Event Housing clients surveyed stated that they would recommend Event Housing to their friends, family, or co-worker!
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Lime Membership
As a member, you will have access to exclusive lofts, condominiums, townhouses, penthouses, and homes in Luxury Private Communities nationwide. When you decide to take your trip, you can feel confident that any property you select from the Lime's portfolio is well appointed and has been carefully chosen to meet strict standards.​​

Lime Membership® offers an extraordinary — and growing — number of different location options. As a member, you will enjoy access to more experiences and locations worldwide.

With a one-time purchase, you will become a member in the Lime Membership Program — a points-based program — and receive an allotment of Club Points every year. Use your Points for thousands of options, including housing, resorts, hotels, meeting space, retreats, flights, etc.

 We are at full capacity for our membership program, if you would like to go on a waiting list please fill out the form below. 
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